The Auditorium of the Botanical Garden 

(September 23 - 24)


Over the centuries, the "Orto Botanico" of the University of Padova has placed itself in the middle of a widespread network of International relations, by exerting a deep influence upon the research and holding a leading role in the exchange of ideas, knowledge, plants and scientific material. On the basis of such considerations, in 1997 it has been inscribed on the World Heritage List as a cultural good. 

The motivation given for inscribing the Botanical Garden of Padova on the list was: “the Botanical Garden of Padua is the original of all botanical gardens throughout the world, and represents the birth of science, of scientific exchanges, and understanding of the relationship between nature and culture. It has made a profound contribution to the development of many modern scientific disciplines, notably botany, medicine, chemistry, ecology, and pharmacy.” 

Giardino delle Biodiversità - The entrance to the conference is located in via Orto Botanico 15 - 35123 Padova

For the Virtual Reality Reception of 23 the entrance will be from Prato della Valle 57C - 35123 Padova

Palazzo del Bo'

(September 25)

The conference works will take place in the Nievo Room within the Palazzo del Bo'. A landmark for almost a century: an inn with the sign of the ‘Bo’ – the Ox – had already been mentioned in a document of 1364 under the name of Hospitium Bovis. The name may derive from its proximity to the quarter traditionally occupied by the Bechariarum (butchers) or by the fact that cattle were traded there in former times. But the original core of the Bo is much older, as there were buildings on the site as early as the 13th century; according to scholars, parts of these buildings still exist within the Palazzo.

Palazzo Bo - via 8 Febbraio, 2 - 35122 Padova

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Padova, September 23-25, 2019

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